I’m a full-time Professional British Female Voice Artist and Radio Presenter and have supplied the voice for fiction and non-fiction Audiobooks, internet animations, explainers, commercials, children’s books, Apps, Interactive Voice Responses and On Hold messages and Mindfulness Affirmations. 

As part of my audiobook service I proof read and amend titles for suitability to an audio-programme, edit, master and promote via social media and video.

As a qualified Lawyer, with experience of civil law spanning 10 years, I am able to deal with legal scripts as a speciality. I also offer proofreading and script-writing services.

I present for Burgess Hill Radio on a daily basis by providing a daily weather report (pre-recorded in my on studio at 6am each morning) and present a lunch-time live show with chat, music, local and national news, events, competitions, guest interviews and dedications twice weekly.

I like to deal directly with my Clients by telephone and email so that I can be sure of their requirements before I work with them, that way they can be sure I am the right fit for their project.

Thats one of the reasons why I no longer offer my services on any Freelancer or Voiceover sites that attempt to restrict two-way communication and feedback.

Please scroll down for details of my studio and equipment.

Anyway for a little light relief and to give you an idea of one of my writing styles… I’ll tell you ‘About Me’ in my own words…

Born in 1963 as a result of a Forces liaison I was transported from Malta back to England at 18 months of age where I immediately developed a morbid and deep rooted aversion to grass.

Fortunately my parents believed in immersion therapy and abandoned me on a green and pleasant knoll until the screaming stopped.

As a toddler I cut a dashing figure with a roguish, sparkly eyed squint and pink NHS wire-rimmed glasses jauntily adorned with a plaster patch over one lens.

As a shy and swotty child who was rubbish at all sport I was given elocution lessons and placed in a small village school where the majority of children could easily have doubled as the banjo player in Deliverance.

I recall there was always was a large group of apple cheeked children waiting for me every morning and every evening at the school gates where I was able to explain to them the derivation of the words ‘posh’ and ‘snob’.

Around this time I developed a crush on a red headed boy called John who was an excellent actor.

My father, a keen actor, producer and BBC radio presenter was delighted with the whole arrangement and had he been able to marry me off as a child bride would willingly have done so.

Instead and as an alternative I had more elocution lessons, acted in countless plays, appeared on TV and learned to sing opera.

My eye had straightened somewhat by this time so it was less confusing for people when I made eye contact with them.

As a bold alternative to Oxford or Cambridge I was packed off to study English and Drama at Swansea at about the same time the Welsh were using English holiday homes as fuel.

Whilst I was watching the home fires burning my father ran off with a younger model and aliens replaced my mother with an exact replica that existed entirely on alcohol. I was called on to run the family record business for a brief period until my real mother was retuned.

I passed a few years working for Courage Brewery managing 30 men who drove very large forklifts around a very small warehouse at breakneck speed carrying kegs of beer. It was quite good fun really, particularly in the afternoon when they had come back from the pub.

During this time, I also gave birth to a rockstar, sang in a Bluegrass trio and shepherded a flock of Southdown sheep…

After a further 3 years at University I qualified as a Legal Executive and honed my speaking skills over eight years at various Court Hearings defending a delightful variety of innocent Clients

As a guest speaker at various local events and on BBC Radio I decided to take the plunge and train as a voice actor.

So what do I do with all those years of education, skill, life experience, professional experience, integrity, customer service skills, singing, acting and speaking wrapped up in one squinty bundle?

Well… just for now I’m ‘Also just a girl, standing in front of a potential Client…asking them to hire her’

Studio and Equipment

Sound-proofed and acoustically treated home studio

Neumann TLM 102 and SE pop Shield

Boom and shock mount

Scarlett 2i4 interface

Macbook Pro

Shure Closed Back Headphones  (SRH440)

Adobe Audition CC